I Can’t Fix This

My son was 13 months when he lost his father. He holds no memories of his daddy and never asks questions or brings him up. He is a happy, well adjusted, smart, and lovable 5 year old. He just also happens to be a kid who’s dad died way too young. Truth be told, I don’t worry about my son nearly as much as I do my daughter, because she was a little older and seems to have a harder (read more…)

Doughnuts with Daddy

I remember getting the invitation in my kids backpacks. The innocent event happening at pre-school just a few short months after my husband passed away. 1 hour of focused attention on the kiddos, and a chance to bond with their Daddy. Reading the invite tore me in two, and pulled at the barely covered over scares protecting my delicate heart. It was in that very moment I realized I would face this the rest of my life. I would never (read more…)