Stifled Grief: How the West Has It Wrong

After nearly seven years of personal experience surrounding loss, I can tell who is going to read, share and comment on this article and it’s not necessarily the audience I’ve intended. Those who have walked the horrific road of loss will shake their collective heads “Yes” at many of my points below and share with pleads for the rest of the Western World to read, learn, evolve and embrace these concepts. Unfortunately, my words will fall short for my intended (read more…)

Stop Comparing Death and Divorce

Please just stop. A few weeks after my late husband passed away was my first preview into the competitive world of, “what’s worse, death or divorce?” and it made me infuriated. Here I was, a newly grieving widow, dealing with the end of life stuff, shock, two tiny children and tons of grief and someone said to me: “Now you know how I felt when so-in-so left.” I was tongue tied. I will be very honest. That sentence pissed me off (read more…)

Moments We Take For Granted

Moments We Take For Granted ~ Today I had the privilege to have lunch with a close widow sister who has been by my side since right after I lost Mitch. I was standing in the restaurant, waiting to be seated before she arrived and a young woman walked in with the cutest little boy I’ve just about ever seen. The woman was tall and blonde, and she had a slight resemblance to me, and the little boy looked a (read more…)

The Last Night….

October 8, 2009 I arrived home from a business trip to Florida like I had so many times before. My corporate job kept me busy, traveling, and kept me very distracted. I walked up the busy terminal and through security at the Phoenix airport and on the other side was my husband and my baby girl with red roses in hand. If I close my eyes I can still see them both run towards me, hug me, and tell me they (read more…)