Finding Reasons To Give Thanks

 A look back at Michelle’s Second Thanksgiving Post Loss Surrounded by friends and family today feeling overwhelmed with emotions both good and bad, cherishing every second with so many wonderful people yet missing the one person who always completed me. I’m not done grieving, not by a long shot. Standing talking to one of my best friends one second and overcome with emotions the next, like a tsunami taking me out to sea in a wave I never expect and (read more…)

The First Holiday

                    Thanksgiving – 6 weeks post loss How quickly life can become a blur, a complete and utter indiscernible mess of emotions, pain, and agony.  Just 6 weeks prior I was a happily married mother of 2 coming home from a business trip looking to get healthy and drop some 50 odd pounds.  6 weeks later I’d become a widowed mother of 2 down nearly all of my weight due to the (read more…)