Stifled Grief: How the West Has It Wrong

After nearly seven years of personal experience surrounding loss, I can tell who is going to read, share and comment on this article and it’s not necessarily the audience I’ve intended. Those who have walked the horrific road of loss will shake their collective heads “Yes” at many of my points below and share with pleads for the rest of the Western World to read, learn, evolve and embrace these concepts. Unfortunately, my words will fall short for my intended (read more…)

Brown Eyed Boy

My kids go to school about a mile from where my husbands plane went down. It’s a wonderful school with an amazing reputation, but for a few moments after Addy got a spot off the waiting list I had reservations about going there simply due to proximity. The airport is a busy one with 2 flight schools and lots of private traffic so planes are always overhead and always on my mind. Some days I look at the planes flying overhead (read more…)