On Being “Chapter 2”

There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding one’s ability to love again after the loss of someone important in life; can you love another person in the same way you love who was lost? In my opinion you can’t love the same way, but you can love in a different way. Speaking from my own personal experience I lost one of my best friends in 2004 in a plane crash. He and I spent so much time just (read more…)

Nightclub Widow

I remember being desperate for adult conversation after I lost my husband. He was my best friend and the loneliness was breathtaking. Who I was able to have a conversation with was up for debate after his death. Some people made me feel even more lonely because their presence reminded me of what I was missing. Some people allowed me to laugh at inappropriate things (widow humor) and I needed any laugh I could get. Widows became friends in significant (read more…)